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Fall 2015 newsletter is out! Click here to see what’s new.

Inland Seas School Ship
The ship will be back again next summer. Dates to come soon!


New In-Progress Lake Guardian Status
 We are excited to announce that now owners that sign on to add lake friendly features to their shore land can qualify as part of the Lake Guardian Program. No perfect greenbelt is needed, just agreeing to move in a lake-friendly direction. Owners that sign up for this will be given priority for the Inland Seas School Ship.  If you would like to be a Lake Guardian, or if you would like help in making your property more lake-friendly, please email joe@lakecharlevoix.org.

Click Here For the Latest Water Levels Chart from US Army Corps of Engineers
Lake water levels are certainly up, as forecast!  The summer of 2015 levels are up about 5″ above the long term averages, and about 10″ higher than last summer.

The forecast is for the usual dropping of levels starting in August.  Fall and winter ice cover as well as precipitation in the Great Lakes basin will determine our next years levels.

Do You Treasure Lake Charlevoix? Become a Guardian!
The Lake Guardian program is designed to help everyone learn how to and then become better stewards of our beautiful lake. Read on to learn more about the program and how you can become a “Lake Guardian”. Read more.

Beach Sanding Alert

Even a small amount of beach sanding is not good for the lake. If this summer’s higher water has you thinking of adding more sand to your beach, please think about where that old sand went. When sand washes into the lake and covers habitat areas, beneficial organisms are often eliminated. More information about beach sanding here.


Students Experience Lake Charlevoix (SELC)
Two days of contrasting weather on Lake Charlevoix greeted the 2015 SELC boat excursions on the Beaver Islander, May 19 & 20.  Day one had brisk winds and temperatures in the 30s with snowflakes in the distance.  Day two brought sunny, cool weather with just a slight breeze. Read more about the excursion here.

We love our lake.
We love our lake PDF presentation recently presented by LCA

Annual Meeting 2015

LCA Annual Meeting Update
Fifty-three LCA members were in attendance at the 2015 Lake Charlevoix Association annual meeting, Thursday, July 9, at the Charlevoix Library. Read full update Here.