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Inland lakes conference May 1-3, at Boyne Mountain

For the first time, several statewide inland lakes organizations will meet in one, larger conference. The inaugural Michigan Inland Lakes Convention will take place Thursday-Saturday, May 1-3, at Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls. Find out more here.


Do You Have a Healthy Shoreline?


Is your shoreline eroding? Does algae grow in abundance? Read this article to discover how to ensure that your shoreline greenbelt contributes to the health of Lake Charlevoix…and not the opposite.

Do You Treasure Lake Charlevoix? Become a Guardian!

Boy Swimming in Lake Tube

The Lake Guardian program is designed to help everyone learn how to and then become better stewards of our beautiful lake. Read on to learn more about the program and how you can become a “Lake Guardian”. Read more.

St Marys Cement plant proposes land swap

St Marys Cement Inc. proposes land swap with Fisherman’s Island State Park. Find out more about the proposed swap in this letter from St Marys Cement Inc..

Do you know that adding sand to your beach . . .
can harm the Lake?7422246152_7c7cf4e194

We are all well aware of the threats of invasives overtaking our lake. We should also guard against pollutants finding their way into the Lake Charlevoix watershed. While these issues usually invoke images of Asian carp, zebra mussels, fertilizers and chemical run-off, it will surprise many to learn that adding beach sand is one of the biggest contributors to the introduction of pollution and the destruction of habitat in our lake. Find out more Here!