Storm Water Retention

Storm Water Retention, The Rain Gardens

One of the major sources of pollution in our lakes is from storm water run-off. Whether this run-off comes from gutters in the city or from erosion in your front yard, there are things that can be done to lesson the effects. One of the approaches gaining tremendous popularity recently is called a “Rain Garden”. Rain Gardens are now everywhere in the city of Grayling, Michigan. Members of that community have committed themselves to preventing run-off from entering their pride and joy, the Ausable River and are building rain gardens wherever run-off gathers.

The Lake Charlevoix Association Board supports the use of rain gardens around Lake Charlevoix as a method of reducing pollution from storm water run-off and it is our hope to find ways to encourage lakefront owners to build rain gardens on their properties. As we move forward, more information will be available on this site. In the meantime, you may wish to visit the Grayling “Rain Garden” website to learn more about this “green” concept.