What is the Shoreline Ambassador Program?

Lake Charlevoix is the 3rd largest lake in Michigan; is 17,000 acres in size and has more than 60 miles of shoreline. In order for the Lake Charlevoix Association to fulfill its role as Guardian of the lake, it is vital that the leadership of the organization is always aware of conditions on the lake and is in direct communication with folks that live on the lake or use it for recreational purposes. To do this, the LCA needs to have local, on the scene, representation around the lake. And that is what the Shoreline Ambassador program is all about.

air_photoEach Ambassador, or Ambassador team, volunteers to take responsibility for a discrete shoreline area, generally three or four miles long. They are concerned about all issues confronting the lake like invasive species and water quality. The Ambassador brings situations of concern and opportunity to the attention of the LCA leadership and most importantly, serves as a channel of communication between individuals that own waterfront property or use the lake for recreational purposes and the LCA Board.

Overall, (1) By having dedicated representatives located around the lake, the LCA leadership is less likely to be isolated from concerns and opportunities that they might not be aware of if an Ambassador program were not in place. (2) The Shoreline Ambassador program affords a way for folks to look after the well-being of the lake and provides an opportunity to meet new friends.

A few additional volunteers are needed: Please email Lake Charlevoix Association.

What are the duties/responsibilities of Shoreline Ambassadors?

  • Raise lake community awareness of the LCA and what the organization does
  • Serve as a conduit between the lake community and the LCA Board
  • Contribute to the direction of the association and participate in goal setting activities
  • Provide information as requested by the LCA Board
  • Be available to participate in one time projects or events…example-staff an LCA booth at an event.

In an effort to make it as easy for anyone to contact a Shoreline Ambassador, we have added a map of Lake Charlevoix and Round Lake to this website showing the individual shoreline sections; the Ambassador(s) assigned to each section and methods of contacting them. To view this information, please click here.