Neighborhood Associations Expectations Overview

Residential associations can have a disproportionate impact on our lake, both positive and negative. Often the association will control significant property on the lakeshore or in the watershed, and its actions as to how it manages its property can directly affect the health of the greenbelt, shoreline and lake. Associations are encouraged to join in our efforts at protecting Lake Charelvoix by joining as “Lake Guardian Communities”. As a Lake Guardian Community, the association agrees to promote lake friendly approaches in the management of its property, to preserve or restore protective greenbelt areas, and to restrict the use of harmful chemicals.     The LCA recognizes the each association faces different challenges in  property management, and one approach will not fit all. Therefore, a key component of the program will be the development of  a “Guardian” property management plan approved by the LCA. Such an individual plan will outline those areas where the association is striving to protect the lake, and identify actions to be taken over time consistent with the goals of the Lake Guardian program. Each such association will be designated as a Lake Guardian community on the LCA website.
We invite any association interested in joining our efforts, or in learning more about our program, to contact us at We are available to come and speak to your board or members upon request.