LCA Mission

  • Protect the natural quality and beauty of Lake Charlevoix
  • Promote understanding and support for safe, shared use
  • Advocate sensible and sustainable practices for lake use and development

LCA Goals

  • To educate the public on existing rules, regulations and good lake practices.
  • To be the organization that Lake Charlevoix users and property owners turn to when questions come up concerning lake issues.
  • To provide a comprehensive website and informative newsletters to members.
  • To collaboratively make specific lake improvements, e.g. shoreline reconstruction, invasive species control.
  • To provide a forum to discuss and address instances where beneficial lake behaviors are not being followed.
  • To advocate sensible and sustainable positive actions on the lake.
    • To cultivate members who can identify and help correct harmful activities on the lake.


Photo Credit: dtwpuck

Photo Credit: dtwpuck