Managing Your Shoreline

Managing Your Watershed Property


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Those who are fortunate enough to live within the watershed of Lake Charlevoix, bear a special responsibility to protect our lake from harmful runoff. Managing this responsibility can be accomplished by the way you maintain and improve your property; including choosing a contractor that will act in a “lake-protecting” manner when working on your property. Please consider choosing a contractor that has agreed to support our efforts in protecting the lake and has signed on as a Lake Guardian. If you decide to do the work yourself, please do your homework. Your land can be beautiful and functional and still protect the lake.

To help you make wise decisions for your property, we are developing short yet informative webpages, all shown as links in blue in the following.

Contractors listed in the Choosing a Contractor link have all signed an agreement stating that they will conduct their business in a lake friendly manner. When you interview potential contractors, please discuss with them the importance protecting the lake and of their commitment to that end. For ongoing maintenance, you can have a major impact by focusing on your LAWN CARE, as well as properly maintaining your SEPTIC SYSTEM. Taking steps to CONTROL RUNOFF, establishing and maintaining a proper GREENBELT, and avoiding harmful activities such as BEACH SANDING AND GROOMING will further protect our lake. There are a number of governmental regulations that require permits for many activities near the water. Townships, cities, counties, MDEQ and the Army Corps of Engineers all require permits for certain work. Please check our PERMITS AND ZONING page, covering such activities. We have included some helpful hints for DOCK PERMITTING, which is one commonly misunderstood issue. Please be advised that on Lake Charlevoix, permits are required for both seasonal and permanent docks, as well as for all moorings. Our GUARDIAN BUSINESSES have pledged to follow all such regulations, and can help as you move forward with your projects.

Lake Charlevoix is a very special asset to our lives and to our region and all of us have a responsibility to do our part to help make sure it stays that way for future generations. Let’s all commit to being good stewards of the land and guardians of Lake Charlevoix.


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