Lake Guardian Program

The Lake Guardian Program

The Lake Guardian program is an important project of the LCA to promote “lake friendly” practices around Lake Charlevoix and throughout its watershed.


Photo Credit: jsorbie

Individuals, Businesses and Home Owner Associations will be recognized as “Lake Guardians” if they demonstrate their commitment to protect and “treasure” the lake. They do this by signing up to follow and promote specific practices and to avoid certain potentially harmful practices. To become a Lake Guardian, or to learn more, please click on the underlined links above.

The program is an educational outreach to homeowners, homeowner associations, builders, landscapers, lawn maintenance companies and other businesses that will provide information and direction on how their activities can affect our lake and its shores and watershed. It will also show how everyone can adopt best practices to reduce harmful runoff and preserve the natural greenbelt along the shoreline of the lake.

Written agreements between the LCA and potential Lake Guardians; individuals, businesses and Home Owner Associations, define our expectations for being Lake Guardians. These agreements for each category can be found at the above links.

Businesses who become Guardians will be listed by business category, and links to their company website and other contact information will be provided in an effort to promote lake friendly contractors to our members.

If you would like a member of LCA to speak to your homeowners association about becoming a “Lake Guardian Association” please send an email to Joe Kimmell at

We hope you will all join us in promoting activities which show how much we “Treasure Lake Charlevoix”!