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Business Expectations Overview

Businesses throughout our area are encouraged to join our efforts toward protecting Lake Charlevoix by joining LCA as Business members and further as Lake Guardians. While any business may join as a business member of LCA, Lake Guardian business members are showing special support for our efforts of protecting the lake. Business Guardians will be divided into one of two categories- 1) Non-impact businesses and 2) Impact businesses

Indirect Businesses are those whose business activities do not directly affect the lake, its watershed or water quality. Most of the businesses around our area will have little direct impact on the lake in conducting their business, but have, as do all of us, a great deal at stake in its health. These businesses will display a Lake Guardian pennant or window decal showing it is a supporter of the Lake Guardian program. We would love to see these pennants all around the county this summer!  We all love and depend on a high quality Lake Charlevoix.

We hope everyone who loves Lake Charlevoix will look for the window decals and thank these supporters by patronizing their businesses.

Direct Impact Businesses are those whose business activities have, or can have, a direct impact on the health of the lake, its shoreline, greenbelt and watershed. Landscapers, landscape architects, yard maintenance firms, homebuilders, septic system servicers and others engaged in services which, done properly, can have a significant effect on protecting our lake. Conversely, such services can, and have in some cases been performed in a manner which ignores potential harm to the lake and its natural shoreline. Impact businesses that join us as Lake Guardians will sign a pledge agreement thereby committing to support the goals of the Lake Guardian program, to conduct their business activities in a manner consistent with its goals, and to encourage their customers to adopt lake friendly approaches to developing and managing their properties. A Pledge Form for potential business guardians, which will act as an application for enrollment, is located at this link.

We encourage all who support our efforts to preserve and enhance our beautiful lake, to contact one of our Lake Guardians for services and partner with them to assure the work performed will be lake friendly. Click here for a list of Lake Guardian Businesses, organized by type of service.

We invite any business interested in joining LCA as a business member and/or as a Lake Guardian to contact us. If you have questions or comments about Lake Guardian Business Membership, please contact us at