Ice Melt 2014

The Contest is On!

Ice-Melt 2014 – LCA’s First Annual,  “The Endless Winter

Official Rules and Invitation to Enter

The object of the game is to guess the date and time the “ice-melt object” sinks.

The prize for 2014 is $50 in your choice of either Boyne Bucks or Charlevoix Bucks.

Deadline for entry is midnight March 31, 2014.

One entry per person

The “ice-melt object” is a 12″ by 12″ by 3″ concrete pad sitting on top of a 14″ by 20″ piece of plywood. The concrete has a post in it with flags attached, to make it visible from the LCA, Boyne City Marina webcam. ( Photos will be captured and recorded at regular intervals so that the Ice-melt time can be determined. Solar lights may be added to improve visibility at night.

screen shot of webcam

The black post towards the upper right is what we’ll all be watching

post base close-upclose up

The contest will be deemed “melted” when the object either sinks, floats on the ice out of view of the camera for the last time, or is pushed up on shore. If the actual time of “ice-melt” cannot be determined, all those entries that are within the know time of ice-melt will be put in a drawing to determine the winner.

A buoy is attached to the ice melt object so that it can be retrieved after the lake clears.

The Entry Form is at the following link.