Business Guardians


The following businesses have joined LCA as Lake Guardians. By joining, each has agreed to a set of business principles regarding lake protection, and to conduct their services in a manner which helps guard our lake and its watershed from harmful runoff or pollutants. Each Guardian business will promote lake-friendly services and encourage customers to use such approaches in their projects. LCA strongly encourages all those who value a high quality Lake Charlevoix to support our efforts to protect our lake and to utilize businesses who are supporters of the Lake Guardian program.  Within each business type, businesses are listed in order of the date they signed on as Lake Guardians.

Business Type: Direct Impact

Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Yard Maintenance
Home Builders
Excavating Companies
Hardware/ yard products
Chemical Suppliers

Business Type: Indirect Impact

Realtors and Real Estate Offices
Grocery Stores
Outdoor Stores
Clothing Stores
Coffee Shops/Book Stores
Deli-Specialty Store
Gas Station/party Store
Dry Cleaners/Laundromat